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What is Arkon Audio?

Arkon Audio is a company consisting of studio musicians, marketing agents, producers and audio engineers working together to be the most versitile and effective professional service for all things sound. We help give you the edge you need to stand out from the crowd and truly compete with the big-time professionals.

Your success is our success


Above is a clip of an original track by Arkon, created digitally with custom-programmed synthesizers and drum samples.

This is an unfinished demo track with Artist "Jodi B" and all production/instrumental by Arkon with artist supervision, recorded at Arkon Studio.

Starting as a cover of the band Tool's Reflection, this track naturally morphed into a song of it's own.

The song Imaginary(from Synthesis) by Evanescence with Arkon drums, guitar, bass, and SFX mixed in. The first studio release of the song Imaginary was from Evanescence's debut album Fallen(2003), this version featured the band's signature mix of a talented female singer, great metal guitar/bass/drums, and an orchestra of other instruments, produced and mixed at a cutting edge level for 2003. In 2017, Evanescence released their lastest album Synthesis, this album has only a few new songs and the rest are re-creations of their previous songs with no metal guitar/bass/drums and only vocals, electronic percussion/SFX and orchestra.

MIXING: Unconscious Value

The amount of talented musicians following their passion, hoping to make a living nowadays is nearly incomprehendable. But why is it that in any genre there's a relatively tiny, select group of very popular artists? There is amazing talent in so many small artists; their musical ability is on par with industry leaders- but with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of sound production we can instantly identify the missing key, which is the quality of mixing and/or production. When a potential customer/fan hears your song for the first time they simply don't have the capacity to appreciate all the musical nuances and subtlety that the songwriter themselves perceive effortlessly. What fresh ears notice first is the mixing.

But it's mostly subconscious.

If you sat someone down and played an amateur and industry standard mixed version of the same song 9/10 people would be able to correctly determine which version just sounds better. But if you played only one version and asked them whether it's amateur or industry standard 9/10 would have no idea.

Hear for Yourself

Here is an A/B comparison of the same drum pattern from a song by Arkon unmixed(raw leveled samples) vs fully mixed, and following this is an A/B of sections of the complete song, basic amateur mixing(EQ/Compression/Limiting/Reverb) vs full Arkon Mixing.

The full song with innovative Arkon mixing sounds night and day in comparison. A well mixed track will naturally sound louder with no additional clipping/compression.

The full amateur mixed song.


Between our team of dedicated talents Arkon Audio delivers a wide range of exceptional quality services for all things sound:

Music: Composition, production, recording, mixing, mastering, re-mastering, re-creation, studio musicians (currently drums, keyboard/piano, and male vocalist), more

Video: Custom composed soundtrack/intro, remastering, advanced stereo imaging, custom sfx, more

Other: Video game sfx or music, app sfx/music, more


EMAIL: business@arkonaudio.com