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Arkon Audio is an organization of people who are passionate about audio and the limitless capacity it holds to convey emotions, experiences, and ideas. Innovation is what drives us. In a field limited only by human perception- we are free to live for the relentless pursuit of new and greater methods, ideas, understanding. We have specialists of both the creation, and translation of audio for Music, Videos, and Video-Games.


Mixing and Mastering (M/M) are the main focus and cause for creation of Arkon Audio- we see it as a true art form and never treat it as less. Although we consider M/M the peak of our expertise, we don't compromise our dedication to the other services we offer: composition, production, re-creation, re-mastering, and session musicians - all across a wide range of genres.


Custom score, sfx, mastering, advanced noise reduction, virtual surround sound coordinated with events on screen, and more.


'The Point' by Arkon, with guitar by Kevin Storm of Fleetburner. (Instrumental Version)

'Your Greatest Fear' by Scorching Mantis, M/M by Arkon. (Link- BandCamp)

'Weird Flex (but okay)' by Electric Lambanog, M/M by Arkon. (Link- FaceBook)

More samples can be found at "More"

Unconscious Value

Humanity has entered the age of global connection- there is no shortage of capable, inspired musicians. Yet why is it that the music most listened to still comes from a (relatively) small group of artists? The easiest answer is that not everyone "has it" - being an extremely broad statement this is accurate. But what is "it"? It's different for everyone, but it can at least be broken down into effectiveness resulting from creation + translation. The majority consciously focus on only the performance/composition- which is problematic because music is ultimately judged on the feeling it creates. The performance and compostition are so important, but if it's not optimally translated into the digital-approximation the listener hears, the nuance- detail- LIFE- is often lost.

Comparison by Reference

Accurately identifying quality of translation without a reference is a specialized skill. For extended reasoning related to this- navigate to "More".

Below are A/B comparisons of our complete innovative M/M (A) vs an emulation of standard M/M (B) of the same song. We've cut up and compiled short sections of each version that alternate.

'Your Greatest Fear' is an excellent song to showcase our ability- ideal mixing of heavy rock tends to be the most challenging due to it's characteristic density. Designed to play loud and be intense yet not fatiguing. First focus on the overall feel, and then focus on individual elements of the song. Does the snare cut through? Are the cymbals airy/bright, or dull? Is the guitar powerful and in focus? Does each element combined sound harmonious or competing?

This is 'Mr. Chicken (Finds His Groove)' by Chris Peters (Link- Bandcamp) This song reveals the important spatial dimensions of mixing. Stereo phase and very specific reverb are key to mitigating unwanted resonance, as well as giving each element space to breathe. One trick we used is to inverse-link a gain-meter on the lead guitar to a compressor's threshold on the isolated reverb and decay, so that the lead guitar has space without the clouding that usually happens.

Client Testimonials

"As a new band doing our first EP, we weren't sure whether it was worth having them mixed and mastered. Wow, we were all so impressed with the difference in the final tracks. The mixing/mastering that these guys have done has brought the sound of our band into the 21st century. They are the missing link in our music. Fantastic job and 3 extremely happy musicians sitting here listening to our professional sounding tracks! As a band with a limited budget, we tried mastering on definitely makes a difference but the human input and knowledge at Arkon has added 10 times the quality to the finished product. The mixing/mastering process at Arkon is now where we will spend our hard-earned $ as the end product is just out of this world."

-Leona Palmer of Fig Jam (New-Zealand)

"Arkon Audio delivers outstanding soundquality many large studios would struggle to accomplish. Personal, and tailored to your individual needs, Arkon Audio is the go-to modern alternative for online mixing."

-Kevin Storm of Fleetburner (Netherlands), worldwide touring/session guitarist and multi-talent artist (Link- Facebook)


We base our price on our estimation of the time we'll spend- so rather than a flat rate, we'll give you a price personally. For M/M the main factor is number of stems per song. With this information we can give a definite price (given no special conditions). Other services depend on more specific factors and will be discussed personally.

Most audio services/studios require full payment before you even hear the result- as if to say "just have faith in our certifications and experience". We understand the wearyness unfortunately-necessary when paying for a specialized service, particularly online- and want to negate this by a gesture of trust. We will complete a draft of our work and allow you to listen before you pay- so you know what you're getting! Draft refers to (for example) the first mix of a song, a rough composition, etc. We do invest significant time into the first draft, so tags (a few short audio clips) will be added over the audio, and easily removed after we recieve payment.

Online Operation

We're based in the US and do most of our business online with clients all across the world. On our "Client Tools" page we have a proprietary file transfer interface, and along with email- communication and business procedure are painless.


Thank you for considering Arkon Audio. If you'd like to read in-depth expansion of our ideas about audio and the way we choose to make a living- visit the page "More".